World Judo Day - 28th OCTOBER 2014


World Judo Day - 28th OCTOBER 2014


World Judo Day is promoted by the IJF and 2014 is only the 4th year. This is a global celebration of the birth of Jigoro Kano (28th October). The IJF encourages individual Judo Clubs, Regions, States, to conduct special events within their community to promote the Olympic Sport of Judo.

In previous years, a very small number of Australian Judo Clubs have hosted tournaments, club visits, fundraising events, display and promotions, in Cairns, Hobart, and Sydney.

This year Judo Australia is encouraging as many Judo Clubs and Regions as possible to celebrate World Judo Day 2014. States, Regions, Clubs are encouraged to copy the WJD logo onto their website and promote their celebration event.

For example, the three Judo Clubs based on the Central Coast of NSW will be hosting a Judo Family Fun Night on Terrigal Beach. (6.00pm Daylight Saving Time) The event will require all juniors and seniors to wear their Judo Suits and participate in Judo Games & Activities. The event will include a Sausage Sizzle on the beach, t-shirts and certificates will be distributed which will include the WJD logo. It is estimated 100 judoka will be involved. Local media have been invited to help them promote Judo in their local community

Plan your local event and let the JFA know so we may promote it via the National website and forward to the IJF website. Please follow-up with photo's and send them to the JFA as well.

Good Luck with planning your local event of World Judo Day 2014.