Neville Sharpe elected President of the JFA


At the AGM of the JFA on 22 November 2014 Neville Sharpe was elected as the new President of the JFA for the next two years.

Neville is a past Treasurer of the JFA and was recently re-elected as the President of Judo Victoria Inc., although has now resigned from that position as per the requirements of the constitution.

Neville's vision for the JFA is to lead it to become a dynamic and efficient organisation that is successful both in its high performance plans and at growing Judo at the grass roots level.

Neville's background and qualifications:
Academic: Neville has an Honours Degree in Economics (Monash) and a Masters Degree in Education (La Trobe).
Judo: Neville holds a 5th Dan in Judo and is a Continental Referee.

Judo Experiences:
Neville has successfully coached judo classes for 42 years starting in Melbourne and for the last 38 years in Bendigo. He is an NCAS accredited State Level Coach.

Neville wrote the NCAS Club Level course for the JFA and assisted with the final version of the State Level NCAS course.

As a referee Neville has a lot of experience refereeing at all levels and has provided strong, positive leadership for the Australian Referees Commission. As the Chair of the Australian Referees Commission, Neville has had a lot of success at making refereeing in the JFA more professional and at leading a very well organised and efficient Commission.

He has been on State and National boards since 1976, including:

Professional Experiences:
Neville was a teacher for 38 years including 18 as a Principal. As a Principal he managed over 100 staff and a school budget of $10million p.a.

Neville has lectured in Education at La Trobe University part time for the past four years.

Neville is the President of a Not-for-Profit Employment and Training company (Bendigo Access Employment) that will turn over $10 million next year.

Neville wishes to acknowledge all of the hard work done for the JFA by the outgoing President ,Michael Picken, since he stepped up after the previous President, Dr Michael Briers, retired in May. Neville's focus will be on improving communication and engagement with all of the JFAs stakeholders.