CEO Update


CEO Update


This is my first official post as the inaugural JFA Chief Executive Officer. I’ve taken on this mantle in challenging yet exciting times. It’s been overwhelming to receive many emails in my first few weeks to welcome me to judo, and I’m thankful for your warm wishes and support.

In being appointed CEO, my charter is to bring a business focus to the administration of judo at a national level. In part, this is about developing appropriate policies and processes within the JFA. It is, however, also an opportunity to open ourselves to consider new initiatives to position judo for long-term growth and prosperity.

That said, there are a number of short, medium and long term challenges with which we need to contend. If dealt with in a balanced and cohesive manner, our response to such challenges can lead to new and exciting opportunities for us as a sport.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be focusing on a number of governance matters which will inevitably bring about change. While change can be unsettling for some, my objective is to set a strong foundation upon which judo can grow and flourish for the benefit of players, coaches, officials and administrators at all levels.

As we work to develop this foundation, there may also be some frustrations. I ask that you be patient as we transition and understand that not all change can happen immediately. My objective is to have the right people involved, at the right time to get the right outcome. Some of this will require time.

I’ve now been in the chair for nine weeks. Along with spending time with the National Board members, much of my initial focus has been on getting to know the State Presidents on their home turf. Given I’m new to judo, the time the State Presidents have taken to provide an insight into judo at a National, State and Club level has been appreciated. I look forward to having more time in 2015 to visit further city and regional Clubs.

As many of you would know, judo is a sport that can only survive and thrive due to the dedication of countless volunteers. I acknowledge and thank each of our volunteers who so willingly give their time, energy, focus and skills to judo. It’s by collectively harnessing the enthusiasm of everyone involved in judo that we can build on our potential, foster the right culture and shape our future.

To this end, I look forward to strengthening the relationships within and across the JFA for the betterment of our sport.

I’m also focused on increasing our level of communication. I encourage you to check our website regularly for updates, as this will be an important forum for me to share news on upcoming projects and our progress.

Paula Ward
Chief Executive Officer
Judo Federation of Australia Inc.