Complaint Hearing Tribunal


Dear JFA Members,

RE: Decision of Complaint Hearing Tribunal – Mr Stewart Brain as Respondent.

A Complaints Hearing Tribunal was established on behalf of the Judo Federation of Australia Incorporated (“JFA”) in accordance with the JFA Rules and its Member Protection Policy with the purpose of determining whether complaints lodged by nine separate individual JFA members against Mr Brain were valid.

The Complaints Hearing Tribunal convened on 11 June 2014 and again on 23 June 2014 to hear evidence from the complainants and respondent in relation to 46 allegations lodged pertaining to the conduct of Mr Brain that alleged breaches of the General Code of Conduct, Coach Code of Conduct and the Official Code of Conduct.

The allegations related to conduct unbecoming of a member, coach and official in that Mr Brain was intoxicated (due to the consumption of alcohol), had not met the expectations of a professional coach, and failed to avoid situations with players that could be construed as compromising.

The Complaints Hearing Tribunal determined that 27 of the allegations were proven, dismissed 15 allegations and regarded 4 allegations to be duplicitous.

The Complaints Hearing Tribunal suspended the membership of Mr Brain to the JFA and its member organisations for a period of two years as of 16 September 2014 and directed the JFA to de-register the coaching accreditation of Mr Brain and remove any official or office holding positions of Mr Brain including that of Secretary General and committee member for a period of five years as of 16 September 2014.