JFA Board of Directors


JFA Board of Directors


Last Tuesday Alan Broadhead and Fiona Iredale resigned from the Board of the JFA. Inc. The JFA wishes to thank them both for their contributions to the JFA. Alan has been a Director for 14 years, while Fiona joined the Board earlier this year after the resignation of the former President, Dr. Michael Briers. Both had been elected for two year terms at the recent Annual General Meeting of the JFA.

The JFA is pleased to announce that it has made two replacement appointments: 

Angela Deacon who is a former National Champion and National Coach has joined the Board and will oversee the portfolio of the High Performance Program. As a member of the National Coaching Committee she is ideally suited to this role and will be an asset to the JFA.

John Bennett, a 6th Dan from Queensland and a successful businessman, has joined the Board and also brings a lot of experience to the role having been an Australian Coach and Manager over the past 8 years. He has also been involved with the NTID Program since its inception. John was the President of the Botswana Judo Federation for 5 years.


Neville Sharpe
President, Judo Federation of Australia Inc.