2015 JFA HP Schedule of Events


Please click here for the updated calendar for your information. Please note the calendar should be read and considered in line with the following:

* The calendar reflects what we believe is the best and most appropriate preparation for athletes to meet the high performance goal of maximising our participation at the Rio Olympics.

* There may be circumstances where athletes/coaches believe an alternate event is more suitable for their individual circumstances. Athletes are able to participate in alternate events, however, this will be at their own expense and organisation.

* In reviewing the calendar and considering an athlete’s individual plan, it is important to understand that the selection of athletes to attend any/all of these events is a separate process, as is percentage of funding allocation.

* Athletes cannot be reliant on this plan being 100% financially supported by the JFA. Funding is determined by JFA budget and AWE categorization.

* Given we are not yet aware of our FY15/16 funding from the Australian Sports Commission, the events identified in the second half of the calendar year are subject to change.

In relation to the NTID Program, please note that, for budgetary reasons, we have had to remove the trip to Italy, which was initially planned for the end of March 2015. We apologise for this change. We are still working though the NTID budget and aim to advise of the events for April 2015 and beyond as soon as possible.