IJF ID Card for International & Continental Competitions


All athletes, coaches, officials and referees must have an IJF ID Card in order to participate in any of the following events:

* World Championships - Seniors, Juniors, Cadets
* Masters
* Grand-Slam
* Grand-Prix
* Continental Championships - Seniors, Juniors, Cadets
* Continental Open
* Continental Cups - Seniors, Juniors, Cadets (Note: this does not apply to Australian events such as the ACT Open)

We have not yet been advised of details relating to competitors for Kata, Masters and Veterans events. Once we have the details we will provide a further update.

Why the Official License?

IJF is introducing the new IJF ID card. This global card will enable the unique identification of each player and official, simplify the registration process and ensure quality in collecting results, statistics, seedings and the World Ranking List etc.

Everyone taking part in the official delegation (player, coach, team official, doctor, physiotherapist...) will need to have a valid IJF ID. This ID is valid for the 2015 and 2016 calendar year, and will need to be renewed thereafter. The cost for each ID card is 40 Euro + VAT and shipping.

Registration and taking part in the above listed events will only be possible with a valid IJF ID.

How to get an IJF ID?

To take part in any of the above listed International and/or Continental events, you must have your IJF ID prior to being entered. If you are considering entering (or being involved in) one of these events, we encourage you to start the process of obtaining your IJF ID as soon as possible.

JFA members can do so by emailing hp@ausjudo.com.au with the request to obtain a card. You will also need to provide your:

* Full name (first name and surname) as identifed on your passport
* Date of birth
* Role (athlete, coach, referee or official), and
* A scanned passport sized photo (which complies with IJF requirements listed below)

An invoice for 40 Euro + VAT will be sent to you. This amount will be payable to the JFA. Your card will not be provided to you until your payment is received. Non-payment will mean your card will remain inactive and you will not be able to enter the event/s.

We encourage you to place your request for an IJF ID card well in advance. If a request is submitted too close to an event registration closing date, we cannot guarantee your card will be received in a timely manner. Please remember that without an activated IJF ID card no registration will be possible. 

Do I need an IJF ID for the 2015 OJU Championships?

Yes, you must have an activated IJF ID card to enter the 2015 OJU Championships. To enable enough time to process applications prior to the OJU Championships, please send your request to us at hp@ausjudo.com.au by no later than 5pm (AEDT) on Tuesday 17 March 2015.