ACT OPEN – Senior Players Contemporary Research


This year at the upcoming 2015 ACT OPEN, PhD scholar and Dietitan, Reid Reale, working out of the AIS Combat Centre, will be conducting a research study regarding acute weight loss practices and weight gain post weigh in.Senior Judo athletes will be asked to fill out a short survey at the time of weigh in which will take around 5 minutes to complete. The survey will ask a variety of questions regarding weight loss practices you used leading up to the current competition as well as past weight loss practices.  In addition to the survey, senior athletes will be asked to be weighed again on the day of competition (upon arrival) so that sports scientists can calculate the weight gain post weigh in of judo athletes in Australia.  Even if you do not lose weight before competitions or you do not gain weight post weigh in, it is still valuable information for the researchers, so your participation would be greatly appreciated, everyone from light weights to heavy weights, males and females, weight losers and non-weight losers alike.

The information gathered will be treated with the upmost confidence and your data will be de-identified after collection, will not be shared with coaches, JFA or other athletes and will only be seen by the researchers. Although participation is entirely voluntary, this study will enable sports scientists to compare Australian Judo with other Australian combat sports, International Judo athletes and other international combat sport athletes. This will provide invaluable insight into the link between weight loss, weight gain post weigh in, competition success as well as help guide recommendations and ultimately further equip Australian judo athletes with information regarding optimal weight loss in the future.

So please, help scientists help YOU and help Australian Judo!