CEO Update


As previously advised, I am reviewing each of the JFA Committees with an operational focus. Given the time involved in conducting a thorough review, this work will be undertaken progressively in the coming couple of months. While the review is underway, the current Committees will continue to operate with their current membership.

In early February, you may have seen the call for nominations for the National Selection Committee (previously called the National Coaching Committee). We have received a number of nominations and will be considering these applications in the next week or so. Soon after, we will make an announcement regarding the appointments to this Committee.

Currently, I am liaising with the Chairs for the Sports Science, Referees and Special Needs Committees. If you are interested in being considered for a role with one of these Committees please keep an eye on the website and Facebook as we will share more information about the core purpose and requirements of these Committees, along with a call for nominations soon.

In line with the above review, there are some roles and Committees referenced in our Constitution, By-Laws and Policies that are no longer functional. The Board recently passed motions to formally abolish the roles of the National Elite Coaching Director and National High Performance Officer, as well as the High Performance Review Committee, Communications Committee and Coaching Accreditation Committee. In due course, references to these positions and Committees contained in the rules, by-laws and other documents will be removed. The responsibilities previously undertaken by these roles and Committees has been encompassed into the operational activities of the JFA team.


Paula Ward
Chief Executive Officer
Judo Federation of Australia Inc.