2015 Oceania Championships - AUS team


We have pleasure in confirming the official Australian Team who will be taking part in the 2015 Oceania Championships which will take place in New Caledonia (NCL) from 10 - 12 April 2015.  The JFA wish all the team members and officials a successful competition.

Coaching Team
Toshi Nakumura  
Rob Katz
Kerrye Katz
Daniel Kelly
Dennis Iverson

(Please note: Dennis Iverson has been coordinating logistics for our delegation to attend the OJU.  As well as his senior coaching duties, he will continue a team coordination role once on the ground in NCL.  Kerrye Katz will be liaison person for all female athletes for weigh in checks, specific concerns etc.) 

Senior Athletes

60kg   KATZ Joshua   48kg RAYNER Chloe
66kg   KATZ Nathan   48kg  MEYER Amy
73kg   BENSTED Jake   52kg  TROTTER Hannah
81kg   COUGHLAN Eoin   57kg  WRIGHT Ellen
90kg   TEMESI Sebastian   63kg  HAECKER Katharina
90kg   BARRETO Deigo   63kg  COUGHLAN Maeve
100kg   SCHUURMANS Elijah   70kg  COLLINS Sara
100kg   DIDIER Duke   70kg  COUGHLAN Aoife
o100kg   ANDREWARTHA Jake   78kg  GIAMBELLI Miranda

 Junior Athletes

55kg   JOLLY Bryan   52kg EASTON Tinka
55kg   BLANCH Solomon   57kg WRIGHT Ellen
60kg   KATZ Joshua   63kg COUGHLAN Maeve
66kg   KATZ Nathan   70kg COUGHLAN Aoife
73kg   KING Sam        
81kg   KOUROS Atnhony        
81kg   ANDERSON Dylan        
90kg   IVERS Hayden        

Cadet Athletes

50kg   ROBERTS-MOK Owen   52kg GOUTZAS Giorgia
55kg   BLANCH Gilgamesh   57kg WRIGHT Ellen
55kg   BLANCH Solomon   57kg WRIGHT Norika
60kg   TAJIRI Taira   63kg COUGHLAN Maeve
66kg   NIKOLIC  Uros   70kg PADUCH Abigail
66kg   FARNINGTON Sam   70kg CARLILE Sancia
73kg   RIGDZIN Enki        
73kg   EDWARDS Conor        
81kg   KARJALAINEN Jesse        
o90kg   DOBB Sam        


We also would like to acknowledge the following athletes, who were selected but due to not having a fight, will not travel to NCL.

Junior Atheltes











Cadet Athletes