National Selection Committee


Following our call for expressions of interest, we have now appointed our National Selection Committee (NSC).

The NSC charter is to select national athletes, coaches and, where applicable, support staff to participate in activities related to the High Performance (HP) Program.

After a careful selection process, I am pleased to confirm we have appointed the following four people to our NSC:

* Catherine Arscott (Chair)
* Catherine Arlove
* Stephanos Georgiadis
* Kelly Skultety (nee Fong)

Each brings substantial judo knowledge, along with practical experience that will benefit the Committee from an operational perspective. Their combined knowledge of the current international environment, as well as our athletes and coaches will position them well to understand the challenges of the HP environment and work together as a Committee.

Over the next two weeks the NSC members will undertake a transition process to assume their duties, and the National Coaching Committee (NCC) will wind up.

I’m thankful to Kelly, Frankie, Angela and Dennis for their contribution to the NCC at various times over the last 12 months. They have overseen the implementation of the Australian Sports Commission’s AWE Categorisation process and positioned us well for the future. Kelly will be continuing her involvement with the newly formed Committee, as will Angela in her capacity as Board member responsible for the HP portfolio.