Kata Judge Certification and Re-Certification


Dear Members

The Australian National KATA Championships will be held Friday June 5th 2015, 1pm to 4pm, Wollongong, NSW. As usual, the Judge's briefing will be help 12noon to 1pm, prior to the event. This year, we will introduce Judge certification, and re-certification, for judge certificates up to National level.

Attached is a form, if you wish to judge please complete the form, ticking the Kata you wish to judge.

As there will be two mats running simultaneously, you may not get to judge all the Kata you might wish, however the Committee will make best effort to accommodate. Please fill in the application, and return to kata@oceaniajudo.com

For clarification, either Email or call, Ivor.

Best Regards

Ivor Endicott-Davies
JFA Kata Committee