Retirement from Judo of Ivor Endicott Davies


Retirement from Judo of Ivor Endicott Davies.

Ivor has formally announced that he is retiring from all involvement in Judo on the 1st of June after a long and distinguished history of leadership in Judo in Australia and Oceania.

Ivor has been the chairman of the National Grades Commission, the Kodokan Grades Commission  and the Kata Commission.  He has carried out his roles with enthusiasm, and a high level of professionalism.  His leadership of Kata both nationally and in Oceania where he represented our region at the international level, has lifted both the participation and standard of Kata.

On behalf of the JFA I wish to thank him for all of his contributions to judo over his lifetime, and to wish him well for his future.  I know that his wife is looking forward to having him at home  and for family duties in the future.

I wish you a long and healthy retirement and hope that you don't become a stranger.

Neville Sharpe