Final revised AWE Guidelines


Final revised AWE Guidelines


In late 2015, the National Selection Committee (NSC) conducted an extensive and careful review of the JFA "Australia's Winning Edge" Guidelines (AWE Guidelines) in consultation with the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), the HP Team, members of the AWE Panel and the JFA Board.


Based on this review the NSC published its revised draft AWE Guidelines on 3 December 2015 and invited the Australian Judo community to submit comments by 6 January 2016. The NSC received three written submissions and one verbal submission during the consultation period.


Following this consultation period, the NSC has made several minor amendments to the AWE Guidelines. These amendments are largely geared towards tightening and clarifying the earlier drafting.


For further detail, I refer you to the following:


(1) AWE Guidelines (v Feb 2016); and

(2) NSC Update - Revised AWE Guidelines.



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