2016 Oceania Championships – Canberra


 2016 Oceania Championships – Canberra


Please find below full information for the 2016 Oceania Championships event to be held at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra from April 8-10th




The OJU Executive have made a decision regarding weigh ins at the upcoming 2016 OJU Championships for Juniors and Cadets.

Please note that this ruling will be enforced for this event.


Judoka who have weighed in as part of the senior OJU competition, who are qualified to compete also in the Junior and/or Cadet divisions will not be required to weigh in again at the time stated for the junior and/or cadet events.  They will however be subject to the IJF Random Weigh-In Rules before the first junior and/or cadet contest,  with a tolerance + 5 % e.g.  junior men 60kg = 63kg – junior women 52kg = 54.2kg and so on.


Note:  OJU may also draw and request other junior and cadet athletes (including those not participating in the seniors) to have a random weigh-in under the IJF Random Weigh-In Rules.


Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Robert Ivers