IJF Rio Qualification - 7 Australian Athletes


IJF Rio Qualification - 7 Australian Athletes
We are very pleased to inform you that the IJF Rio Qualification list has now been finalised and we have 7 Australian Athletes included in "qualifying positions".

U/48kg Chloe Rayner
U/63kg Katharina Haecker
U/78kg Miranda Giambelli
U/60kg Joshua Katz
U/66kg Nathan Katz
U/73kg Jake Bensted
U/81kg Eoin Coughlan

This is an excellent result for our judo community.  Each of these athletes and their support teams committed to what was a long, and challenging qualification period.  Along the way they have achieved some great results, always representing their country with pride and supporting each other on the journey.  Congratulations to the athletes and their support teams of coaches, parents, family and friends.

I would personally like to thank the HP team, including Head Coach Daniel Kelly, Maria Pekli and the NSC Cath Arscott, Cath Arlove and Kelly Fong for their tireless work to ensure all our athletes were given the fairest opportunities our small HP budget allowed.

The JFA will now commence the AOC Nomination process. As soon as the AOC accept our nominated athletes we will announce our athletes as members of the 2016 Australian Olympic Team.