IJF Academy Level 1 Instructor course


New Registrations for Australian coaches to participate in the IJF Academy Level 1 Instructor course - Starting online on the 27th February 2017.

The 13 week online component is FREE..... Sign up !!!!!!

The Practical Component of the IJF Academy course will be at The AIS in Canberra in September 2017

Further details for the course are available at: http://academy.ijf.org/courses/judo-instructor-level-1


IJF Brochure 2016.pdf


The system was developed in order to respond to the requirements of National Federations who wish to adopt the IJF Academy structure as their national coach qualification system. 


This theoretical course is conducted online over a period of 11 weeks. During this period, the students will study the 13 modules.  The instructor course is intended to train coaches for effective work with youth and beginner athletes, mainly at national level.  The instructor syllabus encompasses theoretical subjects and the practical skills of coaching.


During the Practical Sessions, the students are assessed on their Theoretical and Practical Knowledge. 


On the 27th February we start with the third online course, Level 1 Instructor and we will be receiving applications until the February 3rd 2017.


Requirements of participants :

18+ Years of age 

Minimum 1st Dan black belt

Personal gmail account

Good knowledge of Go Kyo and Nage no Kata 

The final examination is a compulsory Practical component which requires Physical preparedness. 


We have included the academy brochure 2016, with all information on our courses.

You can also download the brochure and read interesting articles on the academy at http://academy.ijf.org/


We ask you to go through it and send us your nomination form by the above closing date 4th February 2017.


Please send your details to cathy.potter@ausjudo.com.au - Registrations close 4th February 2017.

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IJF Brochure 2016.pdf