2016 Olympians Return Home


Olympians Return Home


As the 2016 Rio Olympics have come to a close and the Australian Olympic team have arrived back to the country, the JFA would like to congratulate our seven newest Olympians and Coach Daniel Kelly for their efforts in Rio.


The athletes, their support teams and Daniel conducted themselves with extreme professionalism and certainly gave 100%, both on and off the mat.  


The JFA’s seven newest Olympians are:

U/48kg Chloe Rayner
U/63kg Katharina Haecker
U/78kg Miranda Giambelli
U/60kg Joshua Katz
U/66kg Nathan Katz
U/73kg Jake Bensted
U/81kg Eoin Coughlan

JFA 2016 Olympians

Chloe Rayner

Joshua Katz

Nathan Katz

Jake Bensted

Eoin Coughlan

Katharina Haecker

Miranda Giambelli