VALE Young Chull Woo 7th Dan, International A referee



An extremely sad day for Australian Judo.

At 2.25 pm on Saturday the 5th of November one of the greats of Australian refereeing passed away at Westmead hospital in Sydney.


Today Mr Young Chull Woo has sadly passed away.  He was an IJF Referee, a  long serving member of the Australian Judo Referee Commission and one of our most respected and the most dedicated member of the Australian Judo family.


Mr Woo has been a long serving Referee in both his home country of birth Korea and Australia. We all have been privileged to know and spend so many years and on so many tatamis  with Mr Woo. His professionalism,  kindness, generosity and a very unique sense of humour will be remembered for many years to come. We have lost a true Judo professional and an unreplaceable human being.


Our hearts go out to Mr Woo’s family at this difficult time.


Details of Mr Woo’s funeral will be announced later. 


Rest in peace our Judo brother.

Mr Woo