2018 National Coaching Group - Expressions of Interest


Establishing our “National Coaching Teams” - a new approach in 2018

“Leadership and Coaching” is a key high performance driver and one that the JFA recognises as critical to the success of our HP strategy. Over the last six months our newly appointed Technical Director has observed how our athletes perform in an elite training and competition environment with a variety of different coaches, and at times no coach at all. We believe a different approach to our national coaching appointments will provide greater consistency and opportunity for the development of the coach/athlete relationship across all age groups and benefit the overall performance of all athletes.  

The new approach will see a number of national coaches allocated to specific age groups. Each group of coaches will assist in delivering the HP program by working with their specific age group of athletes as follows:

- Attending International training and competition tours as agreed
- Attending National training camps as agreed
- Building relationships with Personal/Club Coaches on preparation and progression of athletes  

The National Coaching Team will be under the direction of the Technical Director for the calendar year of 2018. The JFA will also work to provide education and development opportunities to these coaches to improve their “world class coaching” capability.

If you want to be a part of this new initiative, please see the Expression of Interest document for further details.