OJU Executive Expressions of Interest


Due to a recent resignation from the Oceania Judo Union (OJU) executive, the OJU are now seeking Expressions of Interest from suitably eligible and qualified individuals to fill the vacant 2nd Vice President Role, which will be appointed through until the OJU Congress in April 2018.

The OJU Executive's responsibilities require both high level strategic functionality, as well as a requirement to participate in more operational functions.

The role of the 2nd Vice President will continue to evolve around and contribute to across all key areas of the OJU’s responsibilities.

The Desired Skills the OJU are looking for is as follows:

- The capacity to respond to daily/weekly communications and project updates
- A strong desire and commitment to the growth and development of the OJU
- A legal background is preferred, as the 2nd Vice President will be taking on the responsibility for managing the Governance Review in line with expected outcomes
- A preferred strong knowledge and background in Judo

While this is not an exhaustive criteria, it provides guidance as to the skill set requirements that the OJU Executive are seeking.

Any suitable and interested Australian individuals should submit a nomination to the JFA CEO by 10am on Monday 11th December, outlining relevant background against the Desired Skills above as well as providing a brief CV.

The JFA will assess Australian nominations recieved and decide which nominee, if any, will be nominated through to the OJU.