National Selection Committee Changes


The JFA would like to provide this brief update regarding changes to our selection processes and the National Selection Committee (NSC).

Following changes to the JFA’s High Performance landscape over the past 6 months, the NSC has worked alongside the new High Performance structure of the CEO, Technical Director and AIS Combat Centre staff to continue delivering their responsibilities as a committee with regards to national selection and funding decisions.

Unfortunately, due to differing views on a number of key fundamental principles underpinning the national points system, selection criteria and funding, the existing NSC have resigned allowing for the organisation to transition to a new selection mechanism and structure moving forward.

Given our new high performance structure and strategic direction, it’s essential that we also have a fit for purpose, contemporary and effective mechanism for national selections. The JFA will communicate a new model and structure for national team selections and athlete categorisation in January 2018 to best suit the current environment.

We would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank Catherine Arscott, Kelly Fong and Catherine Arlove for the important and difficult role they have performed over the past 3.5 years in establishing a robust, fair and transparent selection system for our sport. The JFA community certainly appreciates the significant and demanding workload they have carried as volunteers and are very grateful for their contribution.

During their time as the NSC, this committee has refined the AWE athlete categorisation processes and outcomes, developed independent, fair and transparent selection processes, significantly improved the quality of selection criteria, created transparency with athletes and coaches in terms of selection and in particular delivered a very difficult pre-Rio 2016 selection process. They ensured that the right coaches supported the right athletes, whilst also bringing developing coaches in to our system to further enhance the sport in Australia for the future.  

This committee certainly established a sustainable, transparent and fair framework for selection processes which will now be carried forward and continued into our new high performance landscape.