JFA Chair Appointed to IJF Gender Equity Commission


Kate Corkery, Chair of the Judo Federation of Australia (JFA), has been appointed by Marius Vizer, President of the International Judo Federation (IJF), as a Commissioner on the recently formed Gender Equity Commission of the International Judo Federation. Kate will join Lisa Allan from Great Britain, Jean Luc Rouge from France, Sanda Corak from Croatia and Estony Prodgeon from Botswana.

Judo is a leader in the world of sport in encouraging gender equality globally and the JFA has also been given a mandate from its own Members to strategically engage women and young girls both in and out of the Dojo. In Tokyo 2020 for the first time, an equal number of men and women will compete in Judo at the Summer Olympic Games. Judo is one of only six sports that will have an equal number of male and female athletes at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. There will also be for the first time a mixed teams event in Judo.

Kate says: “I am committed to ensuring that women have every opportunity to excel in and benefit from the physical prowess and mental discipline of Judo. Judo is one of the highest participation sports in the world and women and men both benefit from its challenging contests and discipline.”

Kate began her commitment to Judo as an administrator and has not competed or participated in the sport on the tatami, which she believes recognises the inclusive nature and diverse impact of Judo for all people: “I was attracted to the Judo Moral Code and the positive core values that are the foundation of Judo. Judo Values such as Courage, Respect and Self-Control are the underpinning notions on which we work hard to bring about positive change within our sport, the sports industry more broadly and the community for everyone.”

Kate recognises the challenge of gender equity in sport is not just about males and females, as debate continues about eligibility for transgender, intersex and gender identification: “The JFA is committed to inclusion and will continue to actively prevent prejudice and exclusion of any kind in our sport. We want Judo to be an emotional, physical and mental adventure that everyone can experience.”

JFA Chief Executive Officer Alex Vallentine is encouraged by this significant appointment and believes the JFA is well positioned to continue delivering on its positive change agenda in this area, while the International Judo Federation is driving progress globally at the same time.

“Kate is a passionate campaigner in ensuring that Judo, and sport in general, is inclusive and equal for all. The JFA is in the process of developing a strategy to ensure we are an inclusive and gender equal sport and Kate’s appointment to the IJF’s Gender Equity Commission will only further build on and spread our work in this area,” he said. 

Outside of her JFA Chair role, Kate is a Lawyer with extensive experience in sport law, integrity, governance and litigation.